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A few weeks ago, American Dad had an episode where the A-plot resembled a stage play, confining the Smiths to their home as they struggled. His family, a talking goldfish and a space alien rescued from Area 51 keep Stan busy while he tries to prevent terrorist activity in the U.S. Watch American Dad. Animation · A stage production version of the showing dealing with Stan's repressed childhood . Record briefly plays at Stan's surprise birthday party. See more.


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Jack returns to the story as Stan remembered it but reveals that he was the one in the clown costume in order to please Stan for his birthday. NEWS TV CLUB VIDEO REVIEWS FEATURES SECTIONS FILM TV MUSIC FOOD COMEDY BOOKS GAMES AUX. When Francine sends Roger as Edna the maid down to check on the air conditioning, Hayley asks her to check on other "things" as well. Like Family Guy I said it, sue me. Stans Vater ist ein Juwelendieb , der Stan im Glauben gelassen hatte, er sei Mitglied einer Geheimorganisation namens Scarlett Alliance. There is "mistakes", live action introductions, act breaks, curtain calls, multi-layered stages, confetti, all of which are usually unnecessary in a televised production, let alone an animated one. Jun 30, at 2:

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Februar USA auf Fox. Er befürwortet den Kapitalismus , ist sehr religiös, konservativ und Anhänger der Republikanischen Partei ; er verehrt Ronald Reagan und George W. Season 24, Ep Hayley ist Religionen gegenüber eher feindlich eingestellt, daher ist sie nach eigenem Bekenntnis Atheistin. Create a character page for:. Holy crap, we teleported something into orbit. Dem Hippiebild entsprechend ist sie, wie auch ihr Freund Jeff Fischer, Kifferin.


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